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How to Create an Autoresponder

Autoresponders are considered one of the most powerful tools every created for Internet marketing. This cart has unlimited numbers of *sequential autoresponders for your use.

* A sequential autoresponder sends an entire series of messages automatically. They can be separated by any number of days you wish.

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Autoresponder Message Examples

Here I’ll give you my actual autoresponder messages that are automatically delivered when someone purchases the “Wake ’em Up Video Professional Speaking System”

The numbers you see are the number of days from the day of the order the autoresponder message is delivered. For instance Day 0 is the same day as the order. Day 2 is two days from the day of the order. (Some autoresponders count the number of days “between” messages).

When you see <$firstname$> that is a field where the autoresponder automatically inserts the person’s first name. This is called a “field.” More sophisticated systems can insert any number of variables. For instance I could have put another code that would put the day the ordered.

Day 0

Hi <$firstname$>,

Your Wake ’em Up Course will ship right away and you should have it in a few days. It will take you a little while to go through this in depth course. Take your time and implement a few of the techniques each time you speak. Don’t try to revamp an entire presentation at once. You also get 30 minute consultations with me so I can help you get the most out of the course. Call 800-448-6280 or 757-431-1366 to set your appointment.

DVDs 1 through 4 are on speaker performance and should be watched in order.

You can concurrently use DVDs 5 & 6 for marketing ideas. The most advanced marketing tips are on DVD 6.

Would you mind telling me how you heard about the ‘Wake ’em Up System’ and what made you decide to invest? Also, tell us what you want to accomplish and we will be there with you along the way.

I’ll send you a few more tips tomorrow to help you get the most from the ‘Wake ’em Up Professional Speaking System’

Good luck and let me know how I can help.

Sincerely, Tom Antion

P.S. Don’t forget about the Butt Camp CD to help you with your Internet marketing efforts. You get it for only $99.00 because you are buying the Wake ’em Up Course.

Also, if you can make it, we have some great Internet Marketing camps for speakers coming up . It will definitely open your eyes to new possibilities for quick and low risk income based on your knowledge and speaking skills.

(My normal signature file goes here. I have left it off these training messages purposely.)



Day 1

Hi <$firstname$>,

Your ‘Wake ’em Up Professional Speaking System’ is on its way and should arrive shortly. The purpose of this email is to give you some tips on what to expect from the course and also some tips on using the course most efficiently.


Your professional speaking system is designed to hit you with the material from several different directions. You will read about the techniques in the ‘Wake ’em Up’ book. You will see the techniques in action on the videos. You will hear the techniques in the audio tapes and you will answer questions about the techniques in the workbook. THIS IS BY DESIGN!

The last thing I want you to do is to be up in front of 3000 people, under extreme pressure, and wondering what I said about a certain situation.


Learning to be a great speaker is much harder and much less entertaining than watching the great speaker that you are going to become. You must take notes when you are watching the DVDs and don’t expect to watch a 90 minute DVD in 90 minutes. I highly suggest you take notes the entire time you are watching.

Try not to be distracted while you are watching. In fact, the best setting would be when you can stop the DVD and actually try the technique right when you are learning it.


I sweated blood doing more than 3000 paid presentations in many countries to learn the techniques I’m showing you. I researched other great speakers for 7 years to make the course really powerful. Literally a 30 second comment I make on the video could be the difference between WOWING the audience and bombing (tomorrow I’ll give you a few examples of what I mean).


Included in your investment in this system you get 30 minute consultations with me so I can help you get started on the right foot and also so I can answer any of your burning questions about professional speaking.

Call 800-448-6280 or 757-431-1366 to set your appointment.

<$firstname$>, I am really committed to your success. You’ll see and feel that when you talk to me.

Sincerely, Tom Antion

P.S. Make sure you sign up for your free subscription to ‘Great Speaking’ the largest e-magazine for speakers in the world (see below)



Day 2

Hi <$firstname$>,

Your ‘Wake ’em Up Professional Speaking System’ should be arriving any day now (unless you live in a faraway land where customs might hold it for a little while).

Yesterday I promised to give you a few examples of some of the powerful techniques that you will learn in your ‘Wake ’em Up’ system.

Here are just a few of the literally hundreds of techniques that pro speakers know about that make them worth every penny of the money they get.


By far the best seating method when you can get it is semi- circular theatre style. In this seating method you will get much more interaction, agreement and laughter from a group than from any other seating method.

Let me tell you from experience just how powerful this seating method is. I had done over 500 paid presentations before I learned about this seating method. I had good tested material and after doing that many presentation I pretty much had my act together and could tell in advance what kind of reaction I’d get from the crowd when I said a particular line.


Another speaker friend of mine told me about the success he was having with semi circular seating. He told me that laughter and interaction are contagious. When people are seated on a curve they can see the faces of everyone else in the same row. (In regular theatre style seating people can only see the ear of one person to their left and one to their right.) By increasing the number of faces that each audience member sees, you are increasing your chances for shared agreement, interaction and laughter.

I tried it in my next presentation and I couldn’t believe the results. Lines that had been getting me chuckles were now getting solid laughs and lines that were getting solid laughs were now getting long belly laughs. Serious parts of the presentation were also enhanced because people could see other people nodding in agreement with my points so they nodded too. I would estimate the seating alone increased my effectiveness by at least 30% and I’ve been using that style of seating whenever I can ever since.

In the ‘Wake ’em Up’system you will learn all the nuances of different types of seating methods and how you can make the best of any situation.


In very early talks, in general, humor should be kept to a minimum. People are not awake yet and a line that would have them rolling in the aisles at 10:15 AM would fall flat at 8:00 AM

Brunch and lunch are considered the best time of day to speak because the people that hate to get up early are now awake and the people that get up at the crack of dawn are not tired yet.

Late afternoon and after dinner talks are harder because people are generally getting tired after a long day. Use humor, but don’t expect the laughter to be as hearty. Your serious material should not be too heavy because people will be too tired to absorb it.

Your system will include all the details about time of day and hundreds of other topics you MUST know about to make sure that you really shine on the stage.

OK <$firstname$>, I’ll check in with you in about a week. Dig in when the course arrives. If you haven’t called me yet for your consultation, call 800-448-6280 or 757-431-1366. Call the same numbers if you have any questions while working through the course.

Sincerely, Tom Antion



Day 9

Hi <$firstname$>,

Just checking in to see if your ‘Wake ’em Up Video Professional Speaking System’ arrived safely and if you have any questions so far.

I told you when you first invested in the system that I was committed to your success.

Call 800-448-6280 or 757-431-1366 with questions or email to

Sincerely, Tom Antion

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Day 23

Hi <$firstname$>, I wanted to remind you to pay particular attention to the technique in your ‘Wake ’em Up System’ called ‘Bits, Chunks and Series.’ This is one of the most powerful platform techniques that will make you look extremely polished on stage.

It gets you out of using notes and helps you command the material so well that you can spend your time on stage noticing the audience reaction to the material.

I told you when you first invested in the system that I was committed to your success. I’ll give you some extra marketing techniques in a couple weeks.

Call 800-448-6280 or 757-431-1366 with questions or email to

Sincerely, Tom Antion


Day 37

Hi <$firstname$>, A couple weeks ago I reminded you of a very powerful technique for performing on the platform called ‘Bits, Chunks and Series.’ You should now be getting comfortable with what you need to do to improve your platform performance.

Now is the time to pay some serious attention to marketing your speaker services either part time or full time.

I’ll give you one very powerful tip today:


Articles are great because they can really establish you quickly as the expert on a particular topic. Being thought of as an expert will get you hired as a speaker faster than anything.

You can also use the articles in the following ways:

=> Put them on your website (you have a high traffic website right? If not you better get my book ‘Click: The Ultimate Guide to Electronic Marketing for Speakers’ )

=> Put them on other websites. I have gotten hired many times at full fee, from people that read my articles on other websites, clicked through to my website and then called me to finish the deal.

=> Put them in your own printed or electronic newsletter (‘Click’ also teaches you how to do this).

=> Put them in other printed and electronic newsletters.

=> Put them in trade magazines that service the industry your want to penetrate.

=> Put them in newspapers.

=> Put them in national magazines.

For more info on getting tons of free publicity from articles, radio and TV visit

Call 800-448-6280 or 757-431-1366 with questions or email to

Sincerely, Tom Antion